Huge Increase in Bed Bug Enquiries

We are currently being inundated by calls for treatments of bed bugs in the UK following hundreds of reports from France of infestations in hotels and Metros. With travellers returning from the country, we are bracing ourselves for the possibility of significant levels of bed bugs being brought over to the UK.

Bed bugs, which had largely disappeared from daily life by the 1950s, have made a resurgence in recent decades and have become increasingly resistant to chemical treatments. We treat bed bugs by applying high energy heat to areas affected which kills all live bed bugs and all eggs.

Any hotel, cinema or office can become infested with bed bugs. Our heat treatments are safe and effective and our work is guaranteed. We work all over the UK and can deploy our systems into any building ensuring quick effective treatments.

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Bed Bug infestation of a wooden bed frame.

Bed Bug infestation of a wooden bed frame.

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