Insect infestations, such as spiders, beetles, moths and bed bugs, are on the rise. Resilience to pesticides means traditional extermination methods are no-longer guaranteed.

At Xeric, we clean infestations with heat!

Apply the heat!

Pest Elimination
Clean, Safe & Effective

Insect infestations, such as spiders, beetles, moths and bed bugs are on the rise. Resilience to pesticides means traditional extermination methods are no-longer guaranteed.

Our heat treatment method is all about having a chemical-free approach to pest elimination, through a targeted application of heat. Our sophisticated equipment is able to reach all areas of an infestation, both on the surface and within the structure of the affected area.

Constant Monitoring

You can rest assured that there will be no damage to the structure of your building as our innovative systems allow for precise control of temperatures and our experienced team carry out constant monitoring to ensure that the climate of the property is under our complete control for the duration of a project.

Structural Treatments

Our rapid response team, fleet of trailer mounted portable heat systems and extensive range of heat exchangers and air movers allows us to deliver high temperature treatments to large contained areas, including:

  • factories
  • hotels
  • shipping containers
  • residential and care homes
  • office buildings
  • ships
  • aeroplanes

The inventive design of our systems allows for heat to be transferred to every corner of an affected area, meaning the bugs have nowhere to hide. Our enviable success rates prove this.

Heat Domes

For smaller infestations, we can introduce the methods of more targeted treatment, through the use of purpose-built heat domes.

Why Choose Heat Treatment?

  • Minimal business disruption - A single, fast acting treatment is effective against pest problems

  • Protects your business reputation - As pest issues are solved quickly and effectively

  • Chemical-free - Process allows treated areas to be re-used directly after, with no residual side effects

  • Versatile - With the option to treat multiple areas simultaneously

  • Saves on the cost - Of disposing items that cannot be chemically treated e.g. mattresses, furnishings

  • Reduces the use of pesticides

How it works?

The heat treatment process works by pumping jets of heated water through insulated pipes to heat exchangers placed strategically within the treatment area. As the temperature begins to rise, the protein and moisture within the pest’s bodies begins to breakdown and the defence mechanisms are disrupted. This causes the pest to dehydrate and die.

The treatment not only works on live insects, but is also effective in eliminating eggs and larvae during the same treatment.

Heat probes, thermal imaging technology and live computer data is used to monitor the treatment and ensure that the pests cannot escape that affected area.

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Bed Bug
Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius
Warehouse Moth
Warehouse Moth, Ephestia elutella
Rust Red Flour Beetle
Rust Red Flour Beetle, Tribolium castaneum
False Widow Spider
False Widow Spider, Steatoda nobilis
House Dust Mite
House Dust Mite, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
Buscuit Beetle
Biscuit Beetle, Stegobium paniceum
Common Clothes Moth
Common Clothes Moth, Tineola bisselliella
Flea, Siphonaptera
Cricket, Gryllidae
Black Widow Spider
Black Widow Spider, Latrodectus
The insects above represent just some of the pests that we have successfully eliminated from our client's premises. If you don't see the insect you're having issues with, please contact us.

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