Lull in Lockdown means Bed Bugs Cases are on the Rise

The United Kingdom is currently experiencing a surge in infestations of bed bugs, as recent research unveils a significant increase in the population of bed bugs. After a period of reduced activity during lockdowns, the resurgence in international travel has facilitated the hitchhiking of these blood-sucking pests into the country via travellers’ suitcases. This surge in bed bug numbers is the highest it has been since before the pandemic, and experts attribute it to the resurgence of international travel. Families travelling abroad for the half-term holidays might unknowingly introduce these unwelcome foreign pests into their homes and hotels.

Bed bugs are resilient creatures capable of surviving for up to a year without a blood meal, although they typically feed every five to ten days. Indicators of a bed bug infestation include the presence of dark stains resembling mildew spots on mattresses and headboards, the discovery of blood spots on bedding, a sweet odour in the room, and the shedding of the bugs’ exoskeletons. James Pickering, the Xeric Lead Technician, commented, “Now that international travel has resumed, we’ve witnessed a rise in inquiries from businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector, regarding potential bed bug infestations. We collaborate closely with these businesses to educate their staff about recognizing the signs.” He further advised that when travelling and returning home, holidaymakers should avoid unpacking their luggage on beds and instead use suitcase stands, racks, or the bathtub while thoroughly inspecting the room for any signs of these minuscule vampires, which are roughly the size of an apple seed.


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