Bedbug Enquiries increased by 17% due to Hot Weather

Two primary factors contributing to the increase in inquiries between May and June this year.

Firstly, warmer temperatures during this period create favourable conditions for bedbug eggs to hatch. This year has seen particularly hot days, which have accelerated the hatching process.

Secondly, increased mobility and frequent travel have become more common during this time frame. As people move around, stay in various hotels, or explore new destinations, the likelihood of inadvertently introducing bedbugs into their homes rises significantly. These resilient pests can easily hitch a ride on luggage and clothing, and if you purchase second-hand furniture, they may also infest those items.

James Pickering from lead Technician says “When conducting property surveys, we often discover bedbugs primarily around the head of the bed,due to their proximity to a potential meal source.”

However, it’s important to note that bedbugs are not exclusively confined to the headboard. In cases of severe infestation, these pests can disperse throughout the entire house, taking residence in the crevices of skirting boards, on walls, within armchairs, behind bedside cabinets, under televisions, and even concealed within the folds of curtains. That’s why our heat treatments are so effective compared to the use of chemicals’

Life Cycle of a Bed Bug

Life Cycle of a Bed Bug


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