High Energy Drying Dries Flooded Property in 5 Days

The water levels at the property in Hull rose to three brick courses above the damp proof membrane, which was exactly the same level of the door sills. Although the water didn’t appear to have entered the house, it’s a poured through the air brakes, filling the underfloor void. Where the floor is a concrete, the water saturated the sub-base under the screed on the bottom of the internal walls.

As conventional drying, would it would take 10 to 16 weeks and the homeowner would need to be in rehoused for this period, Xeric where  asked step in using the high energy “pressured chamber “system which dried the property in 5 days.Additionally, no plasterer woodwork was removed from the property with no rip out.

Cottage Hull

Thermographic Image of Property

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