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Xeric operates the largest fleet of trailer-mounted portable heat systems in the UK.

Our rapid response team, fleet of trailer mounted portable heat systems and extensive range of heat exchangers and air movers allows us to deliver high temperature treatments to large contained areas, including factories, hotels, shipping contains, residential and care homes, office buildings and even ships and aeroplanes.

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Pest Elimination


Our heat treatment method is all about having a chemical-free approach to pest elimination, through a targeted application of heat.

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High Energy Drying

High Energy

Our fleet of mobile heating systems is capable of drying large commercial buildings and smaller domestic dwellings. Our technique of applying powerful, but gradual heat is structurally safe and effective.

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Emergency Heating Systems

Heating Systems

Every year, many commercial heating boilers break down just at the point when they are most needed. Our trailer mounted heating boilers that will run your heating system whilst parts are being sourced and repairs carried out.

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Contact Us

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